This intense one month course will be focusing on how to build high resistance structures, whilst building solid cane arches and a dense shell designed to withstand the weight of a green roof. Green roofs need to support the load of irrigated soil, so the structure will have to be the strongest we have built to date.

If you are interested in learning how to build your own hobbit house with cane, then this is for sure the right course for you!



> English, Spanish, basic Portuguese



HARVEST and PREPARATION OF THE WORKSHOP > Monday 22 May – Friday 9 June > 3 weeks (Max 4 Places/week)

INTENSIVE CANE STRUCTURE COURSE > Monday 12 June – Saturday 8 July > 4 weeks (Max 12 Places)




HARVESTING AND WORKSHOP PREPARATION (Work Camp) > 5 – 6 days > General and practical description of the entire harvesting process, from how to locate and identify the right cane to how to store the cane correctly; preparation of the workspace (storage, workspaces, tripods etc).


INTENSIVE CANE STRUCTURE COURSE > 4 weeks > General description of the entire CanyaViva Method (All the processes from harvest to the assembly of the arch) 

+ Practice of the manufacturing processes of the different arches and the assembly of nerves to make a complete structure ready for the covering.

> The course includes 1 presentation and 4 theoretical classes



> Food And Accommodation Included

HARVEST AND WORKSHOP PREPARATION – duration > 5-6 days > min 40 hrs> FREE 

INTENSIVE CANE COURSE > 4 weeks > min 160 hrs > 850.00 € (Transfer 400 € + 21% VAT + € 450 cash)


_SPECIAL OFFERS (Accumulative)


_EARLY BIRD – Registration before Saturday 22 April: -100 €

_HARVESTER #1 – Assistance in 3 weeks of harvest: -200 € 

_HARVESTER #2 – Assistance in 2 weeks of harvest: -100 € 

_PHOTOGRAPHER  – Photographic documentation of the building process: -100 € 

_VIDEOGRAPHER  -Videographic documentation of the building process: -200 € 

_BRING A FRIEND – Registration of two people or more: –100 € each


TIMETABLE – Harvest and Courses –

Monday-Friday > 8:00-18:00

Saturday > 9:00-13:00


– Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided each day.

> Please specify in the inscription form if you are a vegetarian or a carnivore, or if you have any food restrictions.

– There are large camping tents, kitchens, showers and dry toilets.

> Please specify in the inscription form if you prefer accommodation in large shared tents or if you can bring your own tent.

COURSE LOCATION and directions

Castro Marim, Algarve, Portugal

Address and details of how to arrive will be given on inscription



– Boots, trousers, long-sleeved shirt and strong work gloves (harvest)

– Closed footwear (NOT sandals) and thin gloves (course)

– Sunhat (essential)

– Water bottle

– Penknife (if possible with plyers)

– Camping equipment

– Flashlight

– Notepad and pen/pencil




TELEPHONE  > +34 628020350 Jonathan


To reserve your place please click on the link below to fill out a simple questionnaire that will help us assess whether the course is really for you. 

Then we will send you the registration form that should be filled out and sent with the proof of the first payment

For more information or questions please do not hesitate to ask us!

Thank you very much and see you soon!

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