These introductory one week courses will be focusing on how to build lightweight cane structures, for shade and ephemeral structures. Join our courses and embark on a transformative journey that combines sustainability, creativity, and real-world applications. Discover the beauty and strength of natural materials, explore innovative construction techniques, and unleash your potential as a sustainable architect or builder. Together, let’s shape a greener and more sustainable future, one cane structure at a time!





> English, Spanish, basic Portuguese




HARVEST > Monday 8 – Saturday 27 January > 3 weeks (Max 6 Places/week)


> Monday 29 January – Saturday 3 February > 1 week (Max 12 Places)

> Monday 12 – Saturday 17 February > 1 week (Max 12 Places)


> Monday 5 – Saturday 10 February > 1 week (Max 12 Places)

> Monday 19 – Saturday 24 February > 1 week (Max 12 Places)




HARVESTING > 1-3 weeks > General and practical description of the entire harvesting process, from how to locate and identify the right cane to how to store the cane correctly; preparation of the workspace (storage, workspaces, tripods, etc).


INTRODUCTORY CANE STRUCTURE COURSES > 1 week > General description of the entire CanyaViva Method (All the processes from harvest to the assembly of the arch) 


> The course includes 1 presentation and 2 theoretical classes


– PRACTICE IN PRODUCTION OF CANE STRUCTURES > Deepening practice of the manufacturing processes of the different arches and the assembly of nerves to make a complete structure, ready for it’s covering.




> Food And Accommodation Included


HARVEST – workshop > 1-3 weeks > min 40 hrs> 1 week 100 €, 2 weeks FREE, 3 weeks – 100 €

INTRODUCTORY CANE COURSE > 1 week > min 40 hrs > 450.00 € (Transfer 100 € + 21% VAT + € 350 cash)

– PRACTICE IN PRODUCTION OF CANE STRUCTURES > 1 week > min 40 hrs > 150,00 € (150 € cash)




_EARLY BIRD – Registration before Saturday 1 December: -50 € 

_HARVESTER #1 – Assistance in 1 week of harvest: 100 €

_HARVESTER #2 – Assistance in 2 weeks of harvest: FREE 

 _HARVESTER #3 – Assistance in 3 weeks of harvest: -100 € 

_PHOTOGRAPHER  – Photographic documentation of the building process: -50 € 




Monday-Friday > 8:30 am – 1:30 pm and 3:00 – 6:00 pm

Saturday > 9:00-1:30 am


  • FOOD and ACCOMMODATION (Included)


– 3 meals and a snack: Breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch and dinner will be provided each working day.


> Please specify in the inscription form if you are vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, or if you have any food restrictions.


– The accommodation is at our neighbour Terramada, an international and multigenerational community, inspired and run by the principles of Permaculture. The familiar stone house, a traditional ecological construction, offers 3 bedrooms where up to 8 people can sleep, a bathroom with a hot shower, a kitchen with dining space and wood burner and two terrasses facing lake Beliche. The available solar electricity is enough for essentials, and in the winter months, one should be more conscious about its usage. Our friends and neighbours, founders of Terramada, ask for ecological consciousness during your stay – and always 🙂.


> It’s possible to come with caravans and vans (limited spots).

> Sorry but animals are not wlecome.


– The workshop happens where we live, on a piece of land around 2 km distance from Terramada, with an outdoor dining space, a solar shower and a dry toilet (basic pallet constructions). Our region is about 15 km away from the next supermarket, beach, coffee shop, restaurant (Altura and Castro Marim). 

> A van with 8 seats is available to the workshop group, for driving each day to the workshop as well as for leisure activities outside of workshop hours. 




Castro Marim, Algarve, Portugal

Address and details of how to arrive will be given on inscription





– There can be strong sun, cold and wind and it can also rain. According to the rain intensity, we can continue working, which is why it’s absolutely indispensable to bring adequate clothes (see below).


– We discourage you to bring more electronic devices that are absolutely necessary, since the available energy everywhere is solar and varies according to the sun hours of the day.  


– Resistant work clothes that protect you from wind and rain: trekking or rain boots (indispensable!), rain trousers and coat. At least 2 trousers and jumpers, to alternate when necessary.

– Strong and impermeable gloves

– Sun hat, wooly hat, sun glasses, sun screen, repellent, etc.

– Water bottle or thermos, according to your needs

– Personal hygiene items (towels, shampoo, etc., all you need daily)

– Torch

– Notepad and pen/pencil

– Your own WiFi (there is no available WiFi, neither at Terramada, nor at the workshop)





TELEPHONE  > +34 628020350 Jonathan


To reserve your place please click on the link at the bottom of the page: to fill out a simple questionnaire that will help us assess whether the course is really for you. 

Please let us know by email when you have filled it in. Then we will send you the registration form that should be filled out and sent with the proof of the first payment to our email.


For more information or questions, please do not hesitate to ask us!

Thank you very much and see you soon!

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