Tavira 2021
On a subconscious level our built environment has a much stronger effect on our self worth than we realise.
By growing up in spaces that disconnect us from our natural surroundings we learn to feel a disconnection from our own inner self.
And, just as the people around us give us feedback about who we are, so do our physical surroundings.
If we deserve to have caring, loving, supporting people around us, we also deserve a warm, welcoming and uplifting environment.
CanyaViva continues to develop ways in which cane and bamboo can be used to create organic structures of high aesthetic value,
harmonious, flowing spaces that allow us to let go of our ego, awaken our senses and connect with something much greater than ourselves.
Working hand in hand with the beauty of natural materials we give value back to where we come from and inherently give value back to ourselves.