Primavera Sound 2017-18



CanyaViva is an architectural technique developed from the study of “Arundo Donax”, commonly called Mediterranean cane, as the main construction material.

Likewise, this technique is aimed both at the design and execution of works, as well as at the dissemination of the technique itself through training courses.

Our work philosophy is inspired by a sustainable lifestyle. To do this, we build spaces of high aesthetic value with natural, local and abundant materials.

Materials such as cane or bamboo have ideal technical and sanitary characteristics, which allow us to build both ephemeral and permanent structures, thus demonstrating once again the great alternative they are to the materials used in modern architecture up to now.

Tavira 2019
  • Domos: Espacios semiesférico de caña y/o bamboo.
  • Pergolas: Estructura orgánica de cualquier dimensión, para crear sombras en espacios exteriores. 
  • Porches: Anexos a edificios existentes, ofreciendo espacios de sombras.

Domes: Hemispherical spaces made of cane and/or bamboo.
Pergolas: Organic structures of any dimension, to create shade for outdoor spaces.
Porches: Annexes to existing buildings, offering shade and covered spaces.

  • Escenarios: Espacios de conciertos y espectáculos, ofreciendo formas orgánicas futuristas.
  • Sombras para festivales y eventos: Estructuras montables y desmontables para  eventos temporales.

Stages: Spaces for concerts and shows, offering futuristic organic forms.
Shades for festivals and events: Mountable and removable structures for temporary events.

Curso Tavira 2021


We intend to bring our technique closer to people interested in self-construction, as well as expand the sustainable market.

Introductory courses: Introduction to all cane construction processes.

Practical courses: Deepening of the construction process of arches.

Assembly courses: Intensive courses of assembly of cane structures.

Roofing courses: Courses on one or more techniques for waterproofing permanent structures.

Instructor training courses: Advanced training for future CANYAVIVA trainers.

  • Declared “the material of the 21st century” by the United Nations due to its various properties, among them, that it requires less energy for its transformation.
    It offers good insulation and transpirability, balancing the house in a natural and healthy way.
  • It is flexible, resistant and solid. It is assembled with rope so it does not require plastic or metal materials, etc.
  • It stands out for its unique and exclusive design for each client.
  • The second fastest growing plant in the world, after bamboo, reaching between 15 and 120 cm in 24 hours.
  • You can create lightweight structures with local resources, few tools, and in relatively little time.
    Helps the environment
  • The harvest of this material allows to keep rivers clean and preserve habitats of local fauna.
  • It does not need to be replanted since it sprouts naturally, its use does not generate deforestation.
  • In its first year of growth, cane absorbs twice as much CO2 as bamboo, meaning that its regular harvest can contribute to reversing climate change